A commuter let one rip on a very crowded train car in Glenelg, Australia—and the reactions were captured on video.

Of course, no one took the blame for the astronomic flatulence that caused the riders to react in horror. The first person to acknowledge the incident yelled, “Someone fucking farted!” while another person angrily yelled, “That’s messed up!” Another person shouted, “Open the door, we’re going to die!” as a girl jokingly ran to the train car door to see if it would open.

But the best moment came in the middle of the video, when the person taking the footage zoomed in on a woman’s face, who looked like she was in pain from the smell, her eyes in anguish, right as another person yelled, “Someone shit!” It seems like the incident was a SBD—silent but deadly—variant of a fart.

Assuming whoever was standing near the culprit could smell it the strongest, it’s a wonder that no one could finger the person who did it. At this point, the mystery will remain just that.

Watch the video of the train car riders’ reactions above.