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Finally, everyone who enjoys ingesting cereal straight from the mouth of their nearest friend has somewhere to celebrate their intimate dining preferences.

The practice, by way of the always handy Know Your Meme database, is known among people who write articles about social media trends (and thus arguably ruin them for everyone) as the Cereal Mouth Bowl Challenge. While the practice (which honors its namesake by challenging participants to eat cereal and milk out of someone else's mouth) is believed to have kicked off as far back as 2010 via the sethman87 YouTube account, it's managed to plant a flag in 2020 thanks to TikTok.

And over the past month, multiple outlets—including USA Today and the goddamn Washington Post—have ran explainer-y pieces on the revived Mouth Bowl festivities. A frequent mention in articles of this nature is a variant on the format in which Justin Bieber's "Yummy" plays while a dog drinks milk out of someone's mouth, sans cereal.

Enjoy, like, 100 examples of people eating out of other people's mouths below. Just kidding. We've embedded a mere two examples, which come with the friendly added reminder that—depending on what you're into—may or may not inspire disgust. 

Anyway, what's everyone doing for lunch today?