There's a lot of stupid commercials on TV. For example, almost all of them. And while they're a year-round problem for people who watch live sports or don't record programs, you get an obnoxious spike around the holidays and Super Bowl thanks to overly corny sentimentality and ad execs trying their damnedest to be funny, respectively. 

Enter this holiday Peloton ad entitled "The Gift That Gives Back," wherein an already toned mom is gifted a stationary exercise bike from the aforementioned company by her husband. She then gets extreme anxiety (again, it's just a stationary bike in her living room) and catalogs her fitness journey which appears to be more about maintenance than fat loss since (also, again) she was already real fit.

At the end she gifts her husband with a video of her past year obsessively riding the bike, even though he lives with her so he probably was aware she was using it. The whole thing's supposed to be a combination of internet oversharers, and fear of getting back into working out after an implied layoff, and fitness being a lifestyle and all that, but it just doesn't really make any sense. You can give it a view right here if you think I lied about any of the above, wouldn't blame you at all or care:

There's also the fact that the house looks insanely expensive, which most people the couple's age can't relate to (note that Pelotons are quite expensive), and probably some other stuff. If you thought it was dumb you're not alone. 

Okay good job, Twitter people. Now do that Jerome Bettis flag football one.