"DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS CARICATURE? And no, we are not kidding..." 

On Tuesday, the Riverside Police Department's Facebook page posted a caricature of a suspect who stole a bag containing $500 in cash from the artist who made a drawing of him earlier this month. On December 5, the suspect attended the Festival of Lights event in Riverside, California, and approached a caricature artist at around 11:50 p.m. about having his portrait done. 

When the drawing was finished, the suspect snatched the artist's bag of money and fled the scene on foot, leaving behind the caricature of himself. Since that forgotten sketch is the only way for authorities to possibly locate the suspect, they are sharing the drawing while acknowledging the "exaggerated characteristics and features" of the man in question. 

"This caricature is of the suspect, but of course, has exaggerated characteristics and features," Riverside police officials wrote. "The suspect was described as a Black make adult in his early 20’s, about 5’1” tall with an average build, black hair and mustache, and last seen wearing a blue and red jacket, white undershirt, black pants, and red hat." 

The "last seen" portion of the Riverside police Facebook post is quite hilarious since you can clearly see exactly what he wore, aside from his black pants, in the caricature drawing.

Check out the Facebook post below. 

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