It looks like Amazon has been trying to dodge some issues it’s had with its home security company Ring.

Now, customers are hitting the tech company back, TMZ reports. Ring and Amazon are currently at the receiving end of a class-action lawsuit, which alleges that the companies were careless by not supplying “robust” security to repel hackers.

The named plaintiff, John Baker Orange claims that last July, someone hacked into his outdoor security cameras and began making comments on his kids who were playing basketball. The person also tried to persuade them to get closer to the camera.

There’s also the viral video of a hacker talking to a little girl in her bedroom, and telling her he’s Santa Claus. 

The lawsuit claims that there were at least six other Ring devices hacked across the country. The suit also alleges that Ring and Amazon have placed the blame on security system owners and have rebuffed any responsibility.

Earlier this month, Ring issued a statement that said they take the security breaches seriously. The spokeswoman added that hackers were gaining control of customer devices by getting access to their logins. Ring also released a blog post that said they hadn't been compromised and gave advice about what you should do to protect your privacy.

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