Today in (alleged) chicken sandwich fuckery (a continuing series), a man named Jeremy Merdinger claims that he was having one of those coveted menu items from a NYC Popeyes when a half-smoked joint abruptly fell out of his food

Merdinger told the New York Post that this had actually occurred one week ago, but that he made it public on Monday because the chain had yet to directly address or apologize for his claim.

“I was shocked at first,” the 23-year-old Alphabet City, Manhattan resident said. “These are things you see on social media a couple of times a year, and for it to happen to me, I was shocked and disgusted.”

Merdinger says he went to a local Popeyes to get two of those sandwiches, one spicy, one regular. He says he ate the spicy one first, no problem there. But it was the regular one that he says contained the unwelcome condiment. 

“I was taking my last couple of bites from the second sandwich when it fell out and into my lap,” says Merdinger, before stating that it could have choked him, or gotten him sick if he had actually swallowed it. 

“It was 100 percent marijuana. I saved the evidence. It’s in a plastic bag at home.”

He says he then went on to email the restaurant, along with pictures of his receipt and the joint. He says they never responded. 

After going public with his complaint, the restaurant told the NY Post that they're investigating. 

“We have high standards for the quality of our ingredients and the preparation of our food," said a Popeyes spokesperson. "We take all feedback about our meals seriously and quickly take action to make sure all of our guests have a good experience.”

As you can see at the top of this page, Merdinger took his grievance to social media, which is something he said he didn't initially want to do. But his boss is friends with ex-ESPN and current Action Network reporter, Darren Rovell, who ended up bringing the complaint to the attention of those at the top of the Popeyes chain.

At that time, they were told that Popeyes had investigated it, but they didn't give an official response or apology. So now it's out there.

Merdinger says he wouldn't have gone public if they had owned up.

“They were basically saying it happened outside of the restaurant, and there is nothing they can do,” he said. “They can at least admit they made a mistake. I would like for them to own up to it. I think it’s ridiculous and not professional.”

The NY Post adds that Merdinger is looking for a refund and apology.