Benny Garcia of Holyoke, Massachusetts was arrested Thursday after his 5-year-old son brought a packet containing white powder to his school. The 29-year-old's child told his teacher that when he ingests the substance, suspected to be either cocaine or heroin, it makes him "feel like Spider-Man," NBC News reports

The Lawrence Elementary School teacher notified the school principal of the incident, and police were immediately contacted. When authorities arrived at his father's apartment that same day to conduct a search, 38 baggies believed to contain cocaine were found, as well as 170 bags of heroin, some of which were stamped with the Spider-Man logo, similar to the packet that his child brought to school. 

Prosecutors claim that Garcia's son said he found the packet in the living room of the apartment. The child was sent to the hospital after showing the drug to his teacher for precautionary purposes. Authorities believe the boy didn't take any of the cocaine inside the packet he brought to school. He and an infant child who was also living in Garcia's residence with their mother have been taken to the Department of Children and Family Services. 

Garcia was taken into custody for an outstanding warrant related to a drug case stemming from October 2018. He has plead not guilty on multiple drug charges, and will be held without bail as he awaits his dangerousness hearing on Nov. 20.