Stores opened up early on Thursday night for Black Friday, which caused a Pennsylvania mall to become home to one of the first insane fights of the holiday season.

The brawl took place at a mall after 9 p.m., where at least five men began tussling outside a Forever 21, TMZ reports. Two men were initially involved in the fight when a third man jumped in. After security failed to break it up, another two men joined.

It’s not clear what started the fight, but the outlet reports that it only lasted around a minute before it was successfully broken up, and no one was arrested. The original video of the fight was shared on Facebook. 

In September, Forever 21 filed for bankruptcy and announced they were closing up to 178 of their stores. However, the location at the Pennsylvania mall wasn't one of them.

"The decisions as to which domestic stores will be closing are ongoing, pending the outcome of continued conversations with landlords," the company wrote in September. The company said that it plans to leave open enough stores so that no American markets are entirely left without an outpost of the chain. The company is currently worth $3.4 billion and employees 30,000 people.

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