20 years ago a game for Sega Dreamcast game came out called Seaman, in which you could use a microphone attachment to talk to a fish with a human face. It was exactly as bizarre as it sounds, and it was the type of weirdo shit that you could greenlight when you knew you were screwed thanks to competition from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. 

Anyway, I had not thought about that game in at least 15 years, but when I watched the above video it was the first thought to pop into my head. 

You, too, may have you own reaction to the clip (up to and including, "Just what the hell is this?") after it was captured by a tourist in southwestern China. The bizarre footage went viral on Facebook (more than 5.5m views) and the Chinese-Twitter equivalent site Weibo. It also got an oddly serious fact check from Snopes

According to that site:

In 2010, a similar set of images of a “fish with a human face” went viral. In that case, a side view of the fish was obtained by the Daily Mail, showing how this “human face” was only really visible when looking at the fish from a certain angle[.]

Ultimately, Snopes decided that the video going viral in November was "unproven." Okay, fantastic. That never stopped anyone before though, just ask people who book trips to Loch Ness:

Oh, and also it's a carp.