In case you weren't fully over the craze surrounding Popeyes' Spicy Chicken Sandwich, you're in luck., an online retailer that sells lingerie, women’s apparel, and costumes, is selling its version of the sandwich for Halloween. If you dare, you can buy the “Sold Out Chicken Sandwich Costume” for $79.95. The sandwich may be sold out, but this costume certainly isn't.

"Be the hottest Southern chick in town, and send your babe's taste buds turning in this exclusive Sold Out Chicken Sandwich costume featuring a light brown velour bodysuit with a strapless neckline, a ruffled bodice with a fuzzy textured chicken patty interior, a white SOLD OUT stamp, a cheeky cut back, and matching ruffled bun arm puffs," a description on the website reads.

The retailer is clearly hoping to snag some of that valuable clout that led to the chicken restaurant receiving some $23 million in estimated advertisement revenue from social media. The reviews, however, aren't quite as raving. Only one person left a review on the costume's website, "Typical white people clown shit." Ouch.

But this lighthearted news is far better than the group that rolled up to a Houston Popeyes and pulled out a gun on employees after they were told that the popular sandwiches were sold out.