A Georgia driver found himself in a huge accident after a log truck's cargo impaled his car. As NBC News reports, the unidentified driver escaped the Oct. 11 incident in Whitfield County with only minor injuries. He was driving behind the logging truck when he reached down to retrieve an item, only to hit the back of the truck causing the cargo to come loose.

Thankfully it wasn't quite as gruesome a scene as Final Destination 2, as he only sustained injuries to his chest. When the fire department arrived the driver was trapped with minimal space between the logs and his face. The firefighters needed to cut around 30 to 40 logs in order to get to the driver's side of his car. They later used extraction equipment in order to remove the side of the car so that he could be rescued.

The driver was stuck in the car for about 10 to 15 minutes as the extraction process took place, but he was able to get out on his own once it was done. Battalion Chief Chris Dempsey added that he had never seen a crash like this. "In 27 years this is the first one I had ever seen," he explained. When the department shared the photos of the crash on its Facebook page, commenters immediately compared it to the crash from Final Destination.

Check out the full set of pictures the Whitfield County Fire Department shared above.