On early Saturday afternoon, customers at Long Island's Be.you.tiful Hair Salon were thoroughly scared shitless when a hopped up and confused deer dead sprinted through their front window, clopped around the shop for a minute, and then ran out the front door instead of going back through the giant hole it just made. Footage of the chaos, shown below, sees the deer clip a customer waiting on the couch before startling a stylist and hair customer. Considering said stylist had scissors in her hand when this all happened, it seems like this could've gone a lot worse.

The woman who was hit by the deer upon its abrupt entrance suffered pain to her leg and head, according to WABC. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was treated for non-life threatening injuries.

When police arrived, the deer had already vacated the area.

Check it out, this footage is pretty sweet unless you were there or own the place: