The chicken news continues today with word that the launch of Toronto's first Chick-fil-A was, presumably as expected, met with protests due to the brand's history of anti-LGBTQ actions.

The restaurant, famous for being closed on Sundays for Man in the Sky reasons, held a grand opening at the new location Friday and—per a local report from CTV News Toronto—was promptly met with a gathering of protesters. LGBTQ inclusion advocacy group The 519 was among those on the ground for the activation, with a rep noting the brand's undeniably shitty track record on such issues.

"Many US cities, campuses, and retail outlets have refused to allow Chick-fil-A to locate within their spaces, and/or have been vocal opponents of the corporation's hateful values," the rep said. "Toronto and the rest of Canada need to be next in line."

These protests will apparently be responded to with an event of some sort on Saturday. Charles McVety, described in the CTV piece as a local evangelical leader, told reporters some stuff about Christianity and stressed his conviction that "This business is only about chicken, it should only be about chicken." 

But you're likely just here for the footage and related documenting of this protest, which you can enjoy below:

In less dire poultry news, Chick-fil-A was briefly embroiled in the media maelstrom surrounding the launch of Popeyes' new chicken sandwich last month by way of a comparison-based debate on sandwich quality.