The controversial nature of ketchup, unlike its frequent counterpart mustard, has hit a new peak.

The Great Ketchup Debate of 2019, no doubt the most pressing mainstream discussion of our time, doused its own fire with additional gasoline this week by way of a tweet from the Vamps bassist/singer Connor Ball:

The ketchup back-and-forth grew increasingly heated from there, with impassioned participants tossing in debate points such as ketchup-dousing's purported similarity to ranched-up pizzas and the apparent potato chip exception rule.

Shockingly, some have even publicly asserted that mayonnaise—an objectively despicable condiment—is somehow superior to ketchup. Even Heinz—a company that quite recently placed ketchup and mayo in the same container for mass consumption—joined in.

If you dare, join the discourse below, preferably while consuming a food item dressed (not doused) with the condiment of your choice:

And this isn't even the first ketchuptroversy of the month.

Mere weeks ago, tweeted lines were drawn after Cardi B informed fans that a similar lack of trust should be extended to anyone who houses their ketchup in a refrigerator.

Lest we forget, the existence of Edchup is also a topic worth continued dissection.