Ed Sheeran Gets His Own Heinz Ketchup Line Called 'Edchup'

It’s actually real.

Ed Sheeran attends a press conference for the film "Songwriter."

Image via Getty/picture alliance

Ed Sheeran attends a press conference for the film "Songwriter."

Ed Sheeran has partnered with Heinz to release the upcoming limited edition "Edchup." Check out his likeness on the tomato with the shaggy hair and black-framed glasses. 

The announcement came on Wednesday, which also happens to be National Ketchup Day. 

Back in March, Sheeran reached out to Heinz on Instagram, claiming that he had "an idea for a TV ad." 

Heinz was enthusiastic about collaborating with someone as big of a fan as Sheeran, replying back, "Yo yourself @teddysphotos! We’re all. Actually, we’re all. But you get the idea. And we’d love to hear YOUR idea. Sorry, we’re nervous. Team Heinz is hitting you up RIGHT NOW."

Sheeran is such a huge fan of the brand that he has their label tattooed on his bicep.  

Last month, Sheeran and Heinz put people on notice about their upcoming collaboration without providing any other details. 

Sheeran and Heinz revealed Wednesday what they were bottling up, and it's already flying off the shelves. As of Thursday morning, "Edchup" was already sold out.

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