On Wednesday, the NYPD arrested a man in Brooklyn after he appeared in a widely-circulated video pouring water on an officer over the weekend, CNN reports. The NYPD is still attempting to identify three other men wanted for questioning in regards to a similar event in Harlem on Sunday. 

According to NYPD detective Ahmed Nasser, Courtney Thompson was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct, harassment, criminal nuisance, and obstructing governmental administration for his role in the incident. In the video, an officer is walking across the street when, according to Nasser, Thompson pours a bucket of water on the on-duty cop's head. 

In another video, NYPD officers are seen being doused with water while arresting a man on an outstanding warrant in Harlem. A shirtless man can be seen hitting one of the officers in the head with the water bucket. 

On Tuesday morning, Chief of Department Terence Monahan denounced the two incidents and said that the officers "should have taken action and they'll be reprimanded for not doing so."

"As they're making that arrest, there are a couple of guys who thought it was all right to throw water and a bucket at the cops," he said. "Well, that ain't all right."

In a city where white cops like Daniel Pantaleo are caught on camera killing black men like Eric Garner without cause, and hardly getting a slap on the wrist as a result—one could argue that for the NYPD to then brand minor incidents like these as "unacceptable" is hypocritical.

Many took to Twitter to respond to the arrest You can take a look at some of the reactions below. 

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