Instagram model Belle Delphine already makes a pretty penny via her millions of Instagram followers and thousands of Patreon subscribers. But comments from particularly thirsty fans of the 19-year-old cosplayer led her to yet another revenue stream: selling her used bathwater at $30 a container.

Belle's bathwater stunt was so successful that she essentially did a second printing, selling larger containers for fans who couldn't get in on the sale the first time around. 


The IG star said she got the idea from her fans, who had no qualms about sharing their thirst.

“Lots of people would comment on my photos saying they would drink my bathwater. I was thinking of ideas one day, and it just popped into my head," she explained to The Guardian. "What if I actually bottled and sold my bath water?”

The U.K.-based Instagrammer is well-known for both her imitation of ahegao—an exagerrated, eyes-rolled-back expression that signifies an orgasm in adult-oriented anime—and her exceptionally weird stunts that seem to be satirizing the whole idea of sexiness. Along with her more traditional photos, she has posted clips of herself coyly eating a raw egg, shell and all. A scroll through her feed is just as likely to find colorful thirst traps as it is to see photos of her playing with a dead octopus.

“I’m lucky. I can do crazy things and get to see the world react to it, and there’s definitely enjoyment in that, even if it’s sometimes a little scary,” she said of the odder posts.

The news that she was selling her bathwater instantly led to a particularly niche genre of fake news, where people claimed that the water gave them herpes or that they had vaped her bathwater. Delphine had to clarify that the auxillary stories were hoaxes in yet another Instagram post.