When plotting revenge against a corporation for allegedly fucking you out of money by way of using your art without permission, it's generally best to retaliate with a well-calculated run of collectively phallic social media posts.

That was the inspiring methods of San Francisco artist Pablo Rochat, who told VICE Wednesday that it all started when he saw that the Burger King Switzerland account ran an ad consisting of a tap-and-hold game that was disconcertingly similar to the tap-and-hold games he "used to establish my footing as a creative."

To complete the penis seen above, Rochat simply uploaded six individual images that—when viewed together on Burger King's tagged photos page—did indeed present scrollers with an artistic rendering of a member. From there, the inspiring fuckery continued with others tagging the beef and bread provider in genitalia-related photos, including this one:

"The most important takeaway that I want people to get from this is that the best revenge is creative," Rochat said of this endeavor, which hasn't yet been met with a formal response from the Burger King team, though it's worth noting that the tagged photos in question were still showing up on their page at the time of this incredible writing.

In a perfect world, this would all coalesce into the launch of new dick-shaped chicken fries or whatever the fuck, with Rochat getting a nice check. Alas, we don't live in that world.