McLaren has introduced a new luxury vehicle they hope will bring them a whole new audience.

Wednesday, the British brand unveiled the McLaren GT, which is "designed for distance" by way of reinvention. As stated in the clip below before a variation on the "rules are meant to be broken" trope is dropped, the new GT is meant to show that "these are the new rules, not the old rules."

"The new McLaren GT combines competition levels of performance with continent-crossing capability, wrapped in a beautiful body and true to McLaren's ethos of designing superlight cars with a clear weight advantage over rivals," Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive's CEO, said in a press release. "Designed for distance, it provides the comfort and space expected of a Grand Tourer, but with a level of agility never experienced before in this segment. In short, this is a car that redefines the notion of a Grand Tourer in a way that only a McLaren could."

For the full specs and whatnot, head here. Prices, per CNET, start at a paltry $210,000.