Last week the creative networking and collaborative platform Daisie celebrated their global launch alongside a host of talent.

Founded by Maisie Williams and Dom Santry, Daisie has been a highly anticipated work in progress for the past two years. The platform was announced with some big promises as the founding team looked to bring together established artists and creatives on a global scale to work together across film, music, fashion, photography, and design. With the need for more better access to talent and rescource with the creative industry, Daisie has opened the doors to worldwide collaboration, the ability to build both an audience and a career. Maisie Williams vocalised the role she hopes Daisie will play by saying: "I got lucky with Game of Thrones, but I've still had to battle the ‘Who You Know’ and the ‘How It Is’. I know how hard it is to break into the creative industry and, with Daisie, I'm hoping to make it easier and better." 

In celebration of the apps global launch the team took to London for a launch party that saw the creative talents driving the Daisie community coming together as they herald a new beginning for the industry as a whole. 

Take a peek inside the launch party below, and head over to Daisie's site for more information and to take your first steps into joining the rapidly expanding community. Daisie is available now on desktop and iOS. 

All Images via Daisie