A man in Nashville is facing a domestic assault charge after a mid-gaming argument allegedly resulted in him body-slamming a woman.

Per a report from local outlet WSMV, Joshua Stone was charged with domestic assault following the incident, during which the unidentified woman allegedly unplugged the PlayStation console Stone was using at the time. At this point, Stone told police, he "body-slammed" the woman. 

Image via Nashville Police Department/WSMV

The woman is said to have suffered head injuries, the extent of which have not been reported. The nature of the relationship between Jones and the unidentified woman has also not been disclosed.

The Nashville story follows the latest update regarding another incident of violence in the gaming world, this time involving a serial swatter whose mid-Call of Duty attempt at another swat turned fatal. In March, 26-year-old California man Tyler R. Barriss was sentenced to 20 years following his previous guilty plea on federal charges. Among Bariss' admissions were that he provided a false report to authorities in 2017 that was intended to target another gamer. The address in that report turned out to be old, however, and Kansas man Andrew Finch was ultimately shot and killed by responding officers.

"We hope that this will send a strong message about swatting, which is a juvenile and senseless practice," U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister told reporters upon Bariss' sentencing last month. "We'd like to put an end to it within the gaming community and in any other contact."