Louisiana is in damage control mode after accidentally doubling up the tax refund for nearly 66,000 taxpayers. The error, which Division of Administration spokesperson Jacques Berry is attributing to a file that ran "abnormally," is costing the state almost $26 million. 

While the problem has already been fixed, Berry says the state is now in the process of getting that additional money back given to the taxpayers. May the odds be in your favor!

Berry says the state has reached out to banks to have the refunds sent by direct deposit reversed to the right amount. Anyone who had their refund placed on debit cards are getting those overages "backed out." Those taxpayers that have already spent the extra cash will be contacted by the state where they will look for a way to retrieve those funds. 

Officials are still urging Louisiana taxpayers to not spend the additional money they received in their refunds as they sort this matter out. But do they knew what happens once that tax refund hits?