More than one week after a dam in Brumadinho, Brazil collapsed, two jarring videos have surfaced, showing the exact moment when one of the deadliest mining accidents in the country occurred, as well as the shocking immediate aftermath. The footage comes courtesy of the Brazilian mining company Vale, which is allegedly responsible for the incident that killed at least 115 people, and left 248 others missing. 

The first clip shows the wall of the 280-foot structure collapsing, releasing 2.5 billion gallons of sludge that swallowed everything in its way. In the second shot, the sludge makes its way through as people can be seen in the upper right-hand corner scrambling into their vehicles as they seek shelter. 

Vale has pledged to donate $13,600 to each affected family living near the dam. The company also vowed to support an investigation that has already seen five people, three of which were employees of Vale, placed under arrest this past week. 

Despite Vale's assertion that the mud does not any contain dangerous levels of metals, people have been advised to avoid fishing or bathing in the nearby Paraopeba River.