Sunny's current disposition isn't so sunny. On Sunday night, a cryptic tweet appeared on the brand's official Twitter account.

We can only specualte about the meaning behind the depressing tweet, which may simply been an attempt to gain some online attention for the sugary beverage. Well, mission accomplished. The tweet quickly went viral, after many on social media appropriated the lament for their own unfortunate circumstances.

The tweet also presented the perfect opportunity to drag Liam Neeson, who's facing backlash after a highly questionnable, raciall charged interview with the Indepdent.

Even some of Sunny D's fellow food brands reached out. The official accounts of Moonpies and Poptarts decided to check in with their homie to make sure Sunny D was okay. This led to an exchange that let concerned fans know that this was just a momentary wave of sadness that was probably brought on by this year's uneventful Super Bowl.

Let's all raise a glass of Sunny D in honor of Sunny D and toast to a, um, sunnier 2019.