A reporter with the CBC was harassed while he was filming a live segment earlier this week in Toronto. The video clip circulating on social media is sparking outrage with some users urging bosses at the Canadian television network to take action.

In the viral video clip, CBC reporter Chris Glover can be seen attempting to do his job during a live segment that was taking place at Comedy Bar in Toronto, where the Canadian Association of Stand-Up Comedians were hosting a Town Hall. In the video a man (identified as Toronto comedian Boyd Banks) lurks behind him making inappropriate gestures before trying to lick his face from behind.

Writer Jeffrey Vallis originally shared a clip on Twitter labeling the interaction as “disturbing.”

Social media agrees calling the encounter “beyond gross,” “harassment”, and “assault.”

Twitter users are praising Glover for keeping his cool during the obviously uncomfortable situation, but many are questioning why nothing was done to stop the man.

Metro Morning host Matt Galloway hit Twitter and called what happens in the video “outrageous” and “assault.”

He added, “Respect to Chris Glover for keeping his cool.”

The CBC has not released a statement on the incident.