In most places, "kill them with kindness" is a phrase about tolerance and patience. However, for people living in the alternate universe of Florida, this expression also could mean to threaten to kill one's neighbors with a machete named "kindness."

This incident is exactly what police said happened in Pace, FL. According to reports, on Friday (Jan. 11) concerned neighbors responded to a commotion at a home with a mother and child. Upon arriving at the residence, 30-year-old Bryan Duane Stewart opened the door wielding a small machete with the words "kindness" written on it. Stewart then attempted to stab the neighbors, yelling that he was going to "kill them with kindness." He even ended up cutting one of the neighbors with the blade. Multiple witnesses saw the incident and notified the nearby Milton, FL police department. When authorities arrived, they noticed a strong smell of alcohol on the suspect, noting that Stewart was belligerent towards them. 

Despite his resistance, authorities were able to apprehend Stewart. He was taken to a nearby precinct on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

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