It's not often people see planes flying low over a city, which is why it's no surprise that people in Nashville freaked out when a Air Force C-17A Globemaster III made an unannounced low pass over the city on Friday morning.

The pictures of the place flying closely over some of the high-rise buildings in Nashville were freaky looking enough, but it's even scarier in video form. Multiple people on Twitter posted views from their office buildings as the plane made its way over the city, and in one of the clips there's a bit of panic over its proximity to the skyline. 

As Tennessean reports, it was a rehearsal for Governor electee Bill Lee's inauguration on Saturday, Jan. 19. However, Bill Lee's spokeswoman Laine Arnold has since revealed the fly over has been cancelled due to weather, with the Tennessee Dept. of Military stating they "kept the dry run on the books."

Check out videos of the plane's low pass above.