The Los Angeles Dodgers have traded Matt KempYasiel Puig, Kyle Farmer, pitcher Alex Wood, and around $7 million to the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for Josiah Gray, Jeter Downs, and Homer Bailey, who is expected to be released. 

News of the trade has many thinking that the Dodgers will try acquiring free agents like Bryce Harper.

"Where it leads us from here, I'm not sure," Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman said of the massive  trade, per ESPN. "But I do think we have some flexibility, and we'll figure out what makes the most sense for us as we move forward." 

Friedman continued: "We are in position right now where we still feel like we have a really good team, but I feel like we want to continue to add to it before we get to spring training [...] What exactly that looks like, I'm not sure yet. But I do think we gained some flexibility, we strengthened our system, and we put us in position to kind of evaluate those things as they come up."

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