A tsunami hit a number of beaches and coastal areas close to Indonesia's Sunda strait, leaving at least 222 people dead and 843 injured, according to the Guardian. The tsunami is thought to have been triggered by a number of underwater landslides resulting from a volcanic eruption. 

The tsunami hit the coastlines of Java and Sumatra islands on Saturday evening. A number of areas hit by the tsunami have yet to be reached by rescuers, so the number of missing is expected to rise, too. The worst-hit area was Pandelang in the Banten province in Java, Indonesia's disaster management agency explained.

Videos have been posted of the moment the tsunami hit. One was taken at a Tanjung Lesung beach resort where a band called Seventeen was performing on stage. The lead singer of the band, Riefian Fajarsyah, explained on his Instagram that their manager and bassist died in the tsunami and subsequent damage, while three other band members are currently missing.

The tsunami has so far reportedly destroyed over 500 homes, nine hotels, 60 restaurants, and 350 boats. Indonesia was hit with two devastating earthquakes in July and September, with the former taking 556 lives and the latter 2,200.

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