Forget being too tired to meme. Forget "grape surgery." Forget it all. The internet has a new obsession: a really big cow named Knickers. 

The Australian steer really is astoundingly large, towering over his fellow bovines at a height of 76 inches. (That's about 6 feet, 4 inches for the math-impaired.) Knickers tips the scale at 3,086 pounds. He's twice as heavy as the average cow of his breed and a solid 18 inches taller. According to ABC News, it's that size that saved him. 

"He was too big to go into the export plant's chain," farmer Geoff Pearson said. "We have a high turnover of cattle and he was lucky enough to stay behind."

One look at him and Twitter was in love. How could you not be when confronted with -- to quote a meme that feels older than Knickers 7 years -- the size of this lad? 

Check out a few of our favorite reactions to Knickers below: