In a story that's pretty remarkable in its ability to capture the sheer fuckery of this moronically post-truth era, the New Jersey couple and homeless man at the center of a 2017 viral feel good story will now face charges for allegedly making the whole thing up.

Last year, Mark D'Amico and Kate McClure set up a GoFundMe for Johnny Bobbitt. At the time, they alleged that Bobbitt had used his last $20 to help McClure fuel her vehicle after becoming stranded in Philadelphia. After several months of troubling developments connected with the $400,000 raised during the campaign, a source tells local Philly outlet NBC 10 that all three will now face "criminal charges of conspiracy and theft by deception." They are accused of conspiring with one another on the story, which was widely covered across multiple publications in 2017.

Bobbitt, described as a "fugitive of justice from Burlington County," was arrested Wednesday in Philadelphia. D'Amico and McClure surrendered the same day.

This latest development comes after Bobbitt sued the couple in August for allegedly withholding cash. D'Amico and McClure responded by accusing Bobbitt of blowing money on drugs. The couple's home was also raided by authorities. Then, in September, GoFundMe seemingly stepped in with a resolution. "Johnny will be made whole and we're committing that he'll receive the balance of the unspent funds raised on his behalf," a company rep said in a statement at the time. "GoFundMe's goal has always been to ensure Johnny gets support he deserves."