If you happen to know multiple people who don't wholly annoy you, then Instagram's latest announcement should bring you some semblance of happiness.

Monday, the social media platform with a censorship policy that ultimately hurts sex workers and artists said that now users will be able to utilize six-way video chat in DMs. If, for some reason, you aren't aware of how Instagram works, here's how to video chat a.k.a. video call a.k.a. annoy those you know: Tap the DM icon in the top right, select a friend (or friends) with whom you want to begin a too-close-to-your-face conversation, then tap the video icon. Of course, if this feature starts to annoy you, you can always block them or mute the conversation itself.

Just for the sake of confusion, I've also embedded Instagram’s tweet about it below:

Experts could likely pen thousands of words on the importance of this innovation, but it's hard to argue against this deeply moving assessment of Instagram's latest video chat update:

Anyway, here's an Instagram of Mark Zuckerberg out on a kayak possibly pondering robot societies or how to sell your Facebook photos to a baked beans company or whatever. I don't know.