Hillary Clinton knows a quite a bit about the impeachment process. She was a member of the House Judiciary Committee against Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal, and she was in the midst of the process with her husband, Bill Clinton, when he was impeached in 1998. 

So it's no surprise that Stephen Colbert asked Clinton to use her decades-long experience in constitutional law to discuss whether or not Donald Trump can be indicted or impeached. Though she "absolutely" thinks Trump get can get impeached, she isn't as sure when it comes to an indictment. 

"That's debated," Clinton said. "I would take the side of is it something that happened in office or before he got into office." However, she concluded that "if you're not president and you've committed a crime, you should be able to be indicted." She also confirmed that the president can be subpoenaed since "the Supreme Court has decided that." Trump and his campaign are currently being investigated for collusion with the Russian government and obstruction of justice.

Clinton, who lost to Trump in 2016's presidential race, was there to promote her book, What Happened. The memoir is promised to discuss the whirlwind of running against Donald Trump, her regrets during the campaign process, and how she overcame the loss to move forward.