A purported piece of Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has made its way onto eBay. Because, of course.

As previously reported, 24-year-old Austin Clay was arrested this week after he was filmed smashing the president’s plaque with a pickax. A particularly swift eBay user was able to nab a piece of the demolished star before authorities could get their hands on it. It is now listed on the e-commerce site with a starting bid of $500.

The listing description reads in part:

This abandoned piece of debris is the last remaining piece. Verified from the location and time with video/photo evidence. Also, it is a surface piece so it can be positively verified with previously taken photos of the star.

The bidding will end in one week, assuming it lasts that long. Shortly after Trump’s star was destroyed with a sledgehammer in 2016, the man behind the vandalism also posted pieces of the brass plaque on eBay; however, the bronze chunks were eventually taken down from the site and returned to authorities. We wouldn’t be surprised if the current listing is also removed.

Clay, who turned himself into authorities Wednesday, pleaded no contest to felony vandalism, later stating he had no regrets committing the crime.

“I just felt really passionate because of what happened with the immigrants—him stripping children away from their parents,” Clay told TMZ. “[…] It kind of lit something off inside me. When I think of the stars and I think of the people that you look down on when you’re going through [the Hollywood Walk of Fame], you should feel inspired. […] Donald Trump represents everything that everybody with half a brain and half a heart in this country resents. So, that’s why I did it.”