You might soon be able to do more than send messages to keep in touch with friends and family over Instagram.

According to TechCrunch, hidden code was spotted within the photo and video sharing app that indicates phone and video calling capabilities might be on the horizon. Nestled deep in the app's public APK's (or Android Application Packages) were command icons for "call", "action_call", and "video_call" along with phone and camera images so there's no mistake about what they're for. The images were shared by Twitter user Ishan Agarwal, who found the files and from the location of them, the calling features would be available through Instagram's current direct messaging system.

In January, there were early hints at the move spotted by tech blog WAbetainfo, but Instagram told TechCrunch back then that they "don’t comment on rumors and speculation."

While this functionality is not yet available in the app itself, it does beg the question of when it will roll out. Instagram offered up another  "no comment" when asked about the new discover by TechCrunch, but its presence in the files makes it likely that it's something that could be on the way soon.

Instagram's continued dominance and takeover of Snapchat's best features would continue with video calling, something Snapchat has had since 2014. Snapchat's version of video calling lets you use filters on your call, so it's likely that Instagram's might also do the same. Snapchat is already buckling under the success of Instagram, and adding in this feature would just add to it.

With the app staying tight-lipped about when a new feature may launch, it's impossible to tell just when to expect it.