Back in March we posed the question of which social media platform has the best story feature. That question has now soundly been answered by the people.

New numbers have come in detailing the amount of daily users of Instagram's 11-month-old story feature. According to Carolyn Everson, Facebook's global head of sales (Facebook, remember, bought Instagram back in 2012), Instagram stories are now generating 250 million active users. That's nearly 100 million more than the 166 million daily users Snapchat's story platform had as of this past spring.

In August of 2016 Instagram added their new story feature, which allowed users to post videos and pictures to their profiles that would disappear after 24 hours. The feature was immediately compared to Snapchat, which was the first social media platform to introduce a similar product.

As it turns out, Instagram's feature appeals not only to individual users, but commercial ones as well. About a third of users are businesses.

The ball is now in Snapchat's court to see if they can regain story feature supremacy.