Trump-lovers looking for their perfect match are continuing to take L’s. Turns out the match-making website Trump Dating isn’t any less fake or catfish-y than its predecessor TrumpSingles. In fact, a thread on Twitter revealed over half a dozen profiles that are created with either stock images or photos of celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence and Ashley Tisdale. One even features a photo of conservative mayonnaise Tomi Lahren. It’s amusing to think that anyone could come across these profiles and not realize how incredibly fake they are, but hey, sometimes the quest for love is truly blinding.

You gotta give it up to the person who made these profiles, because some of them are pretty thoroughly filled out. They even include sun signs and detailed job descriptions. Did you know Ashley Tisdale was in marketing? Whoever took the time to make these is either really dedicated in their quest to catfish Trump supporters, or just thought it would be really funny to make a profile with a picture of Angela from The Office

Not only are so many profiles on the dating site fake, but the new homepage photo, which replaced an image featuring a convicted child rapist, is a stock photo frequently used on websites for dentists.

MAGA supporters trying to find love in this hopeless place might be better off sticking to or, you know, Tinder.