Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders spends most of her day trying to keep a straight face while defending the wild actions and statements of the commander-in-chief. But when she’s not trying to assuage the press’ concerns about nuclear war or racist comments, Sanders is just a regular degular mother of three trying to figure out what we all need to know: how the hell to work Alexa.

On Sunday, Sanders used her White House Press Secretary account to joke about trouble she was having with the intelligent personal assistant. “Alexa, we have a problem if my 2 year old can order a Batman toy by yelling 'Batman!' over and over again into the Echo," Sanders tweeted along with a screenshot of the order. Her son accidentally ordered a $79.99 Batman figure (lol #firstworldproblems right?).

It’s possible Alexa is just out to get Sanders. Of course, some Twitter users pointed out Sanders could be lying for laughs, which may be possible since she’s clearly gifted in the art of deception.

Sanders might have avoided ridicule had she saved the jokes for her personal Twitter account (@SHSanders45) rather than the one that 2.5 million politically engaged Americans keep up with. Several people pointed out how unprofessional the move was and a few, including the former director of government ethics, even cited ethics violations.

Others played along, wondering why Sanders didn’t reveal that her 2-year-old was actually The Donald.