The New York City Department of Education is facing serious repercussions after suspending a developmentally disabled girl from Teachers Preparatory High School in Brownsville, Brooklyn after she was assaulted by a group of seven male students. A federal lawsuit is being brought against DOE, alleging the victim, a 15-year-old girl of color with "a severe developmental disorder," was pulled into "an unmonitored hallway, pushed to her knees, and forced to perform sex acts" on two of the male students, the Daily News reports.

The teen reported her assault to a school counselor six days after the incident, which occurred in February of 2016, but the school somehow concluded that the vile attack was consensual and suspended her. Nearly two months later, DOE officials reversed the suspension, but would not reveal whether any of the girl's abusers received disciplinary action. The Brooklyn District Attorney's office, however, revealed that one of the students was arrested and charged with sexual misconduct and sexual assault. 

In the school's attempt to cover up this horrific assault, the victim, who wishes to remain anonymous, is said to be suffering devastating repercussions including post-traumatic stress disorder, sleeplessness, hair loss, skin rashes, anxiety, and anger issues.

The lawsuit, which is beng litigated by Carrie Goldberg, hopes to bring some justice to the situation. In June 2016 she told Broadly, "The New York City Department of Education has a rape crisis, especially when it comes to young black girls who live in poverty." At least two other similar cases had been reported at the time. Goldberg also said, "I realized this is a pattern and practice; this is an epidemic. This is so far beyond a coincidence."