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In 2018, we have a president who routinely makes racist remarks, gets called out for them, and then denies any perceived prejudice in a matter-of-fact matter that implies his statements are true simply because he said so. Since we're currently existing in this alarming timeline, it's up to journalists to simply provide the facts. (Not alternative facts, just facts.)

As such, the New York Times has published an interactive opinion piece that provides what they describe as "a definitive list" of President Donald Trump's racist comments throughout his entire career as a public figure. They also make sure to note that these comments are only ones that have been publicly known and documented. 

The list opens up in the '70s with his real estate company giving preferential treatment to white people when renting. Authors David Leonhardt and Ian Prasad Philbrick go on to detail incidents like his "Central Park Five" witch hunt, his accusations against former president Barack Obama's birthplace, and his continued attack on just about every immigrant group with an ounce of melanin. 

Trump will continue to insist that he's "the least racist person" you'll ever meet, but the facts simply say otherwise. Take a look at the full timeline here.