Authorities say a 26-year-old neo-Nazi who not only was a part of the Charlottesville protestors but has reportedly spoken about "killing black people" is now facing terrorism charges after being arrested for pulling the emergency brake on an Amtrak train in October of 2017.

The Missouri man, Taylor Michael Wilson, was said to have had a loaded .38 caliber handgun on his person (with ammunition), a knife, a hammer, and a respirator mask in his backpack. Wilson was also said to have images tied to white supremacy and how-to guides on killing people on his phone. He was described as acting oddly on the train prior to the incident, shouting things like, "What are you going to do, shoot me" and "I'm the conductor, bitch." 

It's said that at one point on the train ride, Wilson forced his way into a secure area of the Amtrak train, where he was then able to pull the emergency brake.

While he's had a history of drug use and mental problems, Wilson was deemed competent and released on bail after being hit with criminal mischief and weapons possession charges, but in recently-unsealed court documents, it was said that Wilson was hit with the terrorism charges at a hearing on Dec. 28 after a federal investigation was completed. He was held without bail and charged with a terrorist attack on a railroad.

In his detention order, it was written that Wilson "had great potential and the inclination to cause great harm to persons on the train and perhaps others in a nearby community if the train had actually wrecked."

This was far from Wilson's first incident that could have turned out ugly. He was involved in a road rage incident with a black woman in 2016 where he was suspected to have pulled a gun on the woman for no reason, but was never charged. It's said that he'd traveled to Sacramento with a cousin last fall, and it was in his return that the Amtrak emergency brake incident went down.

Wilson's cousin is the one who says that Wilson had joined a neo-Nazi group over the summer, and had apparently posting "Whites Only" signs up on businesses. Police said Wilson had National Socialist Movement business card on him when he was arrested. The cousin also lead feds to a secret storage area where Wilson had white supremacy materials, magazines for an AR-15, a tactical vest, and stuff to make a bomb, among other materials and weapons.