The Hollywood sign is an iconic landmark that tourists come from far and wide to see. However, the city's residents are feeling the effects when these people cause major traffic problems all for the sake of a selfie. So, what's a city to do?

City Councilman David Ryu has come forward with an incredibly polarizing idea—place a replica sign on the other side of the hills. "The backdrop behind the sign would still look similar to the original if it is located on the mountain," the report suggests. "This would give the City the opportunity to promote the replica sign viewpoints as more accessible locations for photos than in the residential neighborhoods south of the Park." It's a bold move that will cost a reported $120,000. But that's just the beginning of the problems that this approach could face.

"One downside of this strategy is that it would take away from the history of the original Hollywood Sign and Hollywoodland," the report states. "For educational and historical purposes, it may make the most sense to maintain only the original sign. An additional sign is proposed as a strategy to consider because of its potential to improve safety and reduce neighborhood congestion."

While those opposed to Ryu's plan are claiming that there's nothing like the real thing, people need to be more open-minded towards approaches that could help alleviate an ongoing problem.