It's just a matter of time before the human race succumbs to the rise of robots, and China is already taking the lead to make this happen! Its capital of Beijing is planning to build a huge tech campus for artificial intelligence in the city's Mentougou district, according to Quartz Media. The big-budget project will cost a whopping 13.8 billion yuan (or about $2.1 billion).

The suburban district's authorities and Zhongguancun Development Group will come together to construct the 548,700 square-meter park, which they estimate will be finished in three to five years. The group has previously built a handful of technology parks in China that are similar to this project. They are looking to partner with Chinese and overseas universities, research institutes, and companies to create centers in the park, one of which will be an artificial intelligence lab (obviously).

The park will focus on developing areas like "super high-speed big data, cloud computing, biometric identification and deep learning," local publication Xinhua News stated. It will also run on a fifth generation mobile network and will have a super computer. The news doesn't come as a major surprise, as China announced in July they already created a plan to become the world's A.I. leader by 2030, New York Times reported. The country's plan includes a domestic industry that will be worth $150 billion. And just yesterday, scientists revealed they've made self-healing robot muscles out of the most simple kitchen staple—vegetable oil.

So yes, you can say this whole robot world domination thing is becoming quite serious.