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For those among us who are not exactly financially literate, trying to keep up with the the GOP’s controversial tax bill may prove a bit of a challenge. And if you’re trying to keep up, minimizing distractions is probably a good idea. To that end, MSNBC suffered a bit of a live-shot SNAFU when three people dressed in inflated T-Rex costumes danced in the background as Hallie Jackson spoke to CNBC’S Ylan Mui about how the bill would affect the IRS.

Neither Jackson nor Mui seemed to notice that the situation behind them was less landscape and more Land Before Time, but Twitter certainly took note, as did Boston news producer Leo Ruiz. Ruiz tweeted “@HallieJackson reporting live from Jurassic Park.”

Ruiz's comment quickly went viral, giving the internet and all of us a much needed break from trying to fully comprehend the fuckery that is the new GOP tax bill. The dinosaur was actually appropriate, seeing as how the plan stands to add over a trillion dollars to the national debt and could very well send our economy into extinction.