Double marinated patties, kimchi paste, teriyaki glaze, pulled pork and candied bacon typify the deluxe flavours that decorate the delicious Hanbao menu. Situated in the heart of the Midlands (Worcester, to be precise), the eatery, founded by brothers Alex and Seb Lam, proudly celebrates one hugely successful year serving mouth-watering meals to their local masses.

Fully booked from weekend to weekend, serving burgers named after their favourite rap starsODB, Piggie Smalls, Mac Daddy Kane, Odd FutureHanbao caters to lovers of good taste only. Planning to expand later this year, demand for the unique, overindulgent dishes their space creates grows daily. Generously providing bottomless cocktails and sliders to hordes of hungry guests in honour of their 12-month birthday late last month, Seb and Alex got Worcester turnt on their tequila Muay Thai kicks to the face and bourbon whiskits.

Next time you're in the West Midlands area, be sure to check these guys out. 

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