You may have noticed the United States of America is a fucking dumpster fire right now. Between blatant police violence against people of color, and acts of domestic terrorism in the name of white supremacy, it feels like we've traveled back in time. And that's exactly what the alt-right wants: fewer rights for people of color, and more dominance for white people.

White supremacy is one of the most dangerous ideologies on the planet, and it's a cancer that continues to spread. The best we can do is figure out how to navigate the many forms of hate that manifest in different parts of the country (and world) every day. Here are some ways you can deal white supremacy, and help combat it, if you so choose.

Acknowledge white supremacy exists

White supremacy is living and breathing. It's always been active: in our schools, our streets, our workplaces, our (or maybe your) country clubs. To deny its existence at this point is disrespectful and downright naive. It's violent and it's embedded in everything we do and build. White people: the supposed superiority of your race is instilled in you, whether you know it or not. You are afforded rights and actions that are not extended to people of color, or anyone who is an "other." White supremacy is a robust, nearly impenetrable system. To disarm it, we all must acknowledge that it exists and is threaded into the fabric of our nation.

Take care of yourself

After accepting that this horrific thing is real, the most important thing you can do is take care of you. The current climate in this country is unkind to anyone who wants safety, stability, and equal rights for all, and ingesting hate on a consistent basis is hazardous to your health. Do what you need to do to preserve your sanity. Document the way you feel on a day-to-day basis and keep track of how the events of this country are affecting you. Try to spend time with family, friends, and those who care for you. Turn off the fucking news. Schedule times to take a break from your phone. Watch some cartoons. Listen to a funny podcast. And last, but not least: get a therapist. If you think you can't afford one, consider Open Path Collective, a database of therapists who offer their services at affordable prices. There's also the online counseling service Talkspace, which offers promo codes regularly. 

Educate yourself

One reason why white supremacy is still festering is because people are simply unaware of its mechanisms. There are countless available resources that break down what exactly white supremacy is, and how it came to exist. Much of it is at your fingertips, through the wonderful tool of Google. I'll help you start: here's an essay about post-Trump whiteness by renowned author Toni Morrison, and here's an extensive breakdown of the current state of white supremacy in the U.S., courtesy of the Anti-Defamation League. You should also absolutely get your hands on Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time, both of which offer a sharp take on life as a black person in America.

Speak out

This is a big one, and it applies to people of all colors, backgrounds, and classes. Now, more than ever, we have to use our voices to collectively denounce the bullshit that's taking place around us. We must deconstruct everything white supremacists stand for, and we must be vocal about the fact that their rhetoric and actions have no place here. If there are people in your family, workplace or even your gym, who make suspicious comments about non-white or non-heterosexual individuals, say something. And don't be afraid to spread the word about these ignorant assholes. Silence and "minding your own business" is what got us stuck with a neo-Nazi sympathizer for a president in the first place.


There are many counter-demonstrations happening right now in response to the Charlottesville madness. But regular protests have been ongoing since at least 2014, when Mike Brown was gunned down by former police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri. If you haven't attended a rally or demonstration by now, it's not too late. Check in with your local community organizers. Public protests are also regularly planned by college activist groups, so one way to find them is to check the organizations' information pages on their respective university websites. Social media is also a great tool for finding local protests. You can also step up and plan one yourself.


There are many organizations you can donate to at this moment that will help combat white supremacy. You can find a list here and here.

Know when to walk away

If you are a person of color, please know that it's not on you to fix white supremacy. At this moment, your job is to simply exist as you are and stay alive—not cure the world of its ignorance. If you feel like you've done all you can do, and screamed until your lungs have run ragged, tag in an ally and take a break.