Reese's has maintained for decades that there's no wrong way to consume one of their notorious peanut butter-filled milk chocolate cups, which I guess means you shouldn't let anyone stop you from shoving them up your nose or into any personal orifice you see fit. The candy's open-minded approach to consumption aside, is there a "wrong way" to pronounce the name Reese's?

Some would say so. As detected by Uproxx Monday, there's an ongoing Twitter debate—rife with unbridled passion and sugar cravings—about the so-called "correct" pronunciation of the god of peanut butter cups.

The poll, which was still active at the time of this writing, is pushing 200,000 responses and has revealed an apparent divide among consumers. The divide is so strong, in fact, that some people are arguing about it and other people are writing about the people who are arguing about it. Tense.

So what gives? What does the ultimate authority on such matters think of this pronunciation battle? Interestingly enough, the official Reese's account already provided some clarity on this debate way back in April. Remember April? That was a good month.

By "clarity," I guess I meant a complete and total cop-out. Anyway, enjoy this:

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