Last weekend, York Regional Police made a case for the most extra arrest of 2017 by pursuing three young men stealing candy from an amusement park. While making a routine patrol Saturday evening, cops spotted a trio of teenaged perpetrators near Canada's Wonderland and determined that they were up to no damn good. Already armed with heat sensors and a friggin helicopter, the authorities decided to hover over the suspicious activity and watch whatever was about to unfold. As you may have already assumed, the whole thing was a bit excessive.

Upon further inspection, the cops discovered that the aforementioned troublemakers were not only trespassing within the popular theme park, but so too were they in the midst of an incredibly dumb candy heist. The drama occurred at Canada’s Wonderland, which is still weeks away from opening but apparently still equipped with delicious treats. As previously mentioned, the police were already out with their helicopter in the first place, but they did step things up a notch by activating their K9 unit to stop the amateur criminals.

Needless to say, with all of the tools available to cops, the three teenagers were quickly apprehended and sentenced to some community service. You can watch the super dramatic incident via the YRP’s official Twitter account. According to police spokespeople, the release of this video is to dissuade any potential candy thieves, but the event has some questioning the very extra approach.