A man attempting to escape police pursuers has completely changed the police-evasion game this week. In a genius strategy that we’re sure will be in the next Grand Theft Auto instalment, the 26-year-old Frankston man made a call to 000 and reported a fake crime to divert police away from him.

Police have claimed he was allegedly bearing false plates and were actively attempting to intercept him when he made the call. The man reported a fake incident in a street nearby, obviously hoping the police would be drawn away. Clearly, he views police as the literal equivalent of a dog when you introduce a second tennis ball at the park.

Unfortunately for the driver of the 1989 Mitsubishi truck, the police took a punt and assumed this was all part of the man’s escape plan. It was, of course, but we can’t help but imagine how pissed off the victim would be if the emergency call was real. Police recourses were diverted to the Frankston man, and he has since been charged with driving an unregistered vehicle, fraudulent plates, evading police and making false calls to emergency services.