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The White House dismissed multiple staffers Thursday morning after they failed FBI background checks, sources "familiar with the matter" told Politico. Sources said several people were reportedly walked out by security after failing to pass the SF86, a questionnaire required for security clearance. Ultimately, six people were dismissed.

Sources said Caroline Wiles, the daughter of Trump's Florida campaign director Susan Wiles, is among those who failed the background check. The intensive review includes questions regarding the applicant's substance use history, credit, and additional "personal subjects." Wiles is now said to be up for a Treasury position.

These reports follow an already eventful week at the White House, the site of Trump's bizarre and combative presser Thursday. Ret. Vice Adm. Bob Harward turned down an offer to become the new national security adviser that night. According to CNN, a friend of Harward's said he considered Trump's offer a "shit sandwich" and feared the White House was currently in a state of chaos. In a statement, Harward confirmed his rejection but mentioned no such sandwich. "Like all service members understand, and live, this job requires 24 hours a day, 7 days a week focus, and commitment to do it right," Harward said. "I currently could not make that commitment."

On Monday, now-former national security adviser Michael Flynn issued a resignation letter revealing he had misled Pence and others regarding conversations he had with the Russian ambassador. "Unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events, I inadvertently briefed the Vice President Elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian Ambassador," Flynn said. "I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology."

Despite this, Trump said in his aforementioned presser Thursday that his administration was running like a "fine-tuned machine."